Friday, August 1, 2008

Houston, we have toes!

This past week Julian has discovered his hands and toes. I noticed this when he was sitting in his chair in the kitchen and he was staring at something. A speck on the floor? No, he can't see quite that far yet. The chair? No, that's not very interesting. Wait. His eyes are following something. Can it be? Yes, he is! He's staring at his hand!! His little fist was moving slowly up and down and he watching it do it (he hasn't figured out that it is attached to his body yet). A couple days later I noticed he was staring at his feet! He hasn't made any attempt to touch them yet (still gotta make sure they aren't a threat, I guess) but he can stare at them forever. He even got his "wiggle-proof socks" off to look at them, at which I relied, "wow, look, Julian knocked off his socks!" Clever, I know. Here's a picture of his studying his fist.

Julian had a very busy week! We went to his first concert (Mr. Knick Knack...he slept through most of it, and when he woke up he was most interested in the fountain than the music, but that's okay), we visited a friend's house and went to a Filipino party.

He turned 2 months this week and each day is a never ending adventure. At his appointment he measured in at 23 1/2 inches long and 13 lbs 13 oz. This means he has grown 2 inches in 2 months exactly and gained 5 lbs! If you are at all interested in where he falls against other babies, he is in the 75% for his height/length and in the 50% for his weight. He's already into the bigger onesies, I find it so hard to believe there are babies much bigger than him at this age! Crazy.

Yes, our baby is already a devoted Red Sox fan and was watching ESPN all day yesterday following the updates on Ramirez's trade to the Dodgers. Julian is not happy about this. Here's a picture of him watching the news with daddy.

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