Sunday, August 10, 2008

Pump up the bass, mom

Julian is still hot and cold about the car. Sometimes (rarely) it's Paradise, but most of the time it's obviously the worst place in the world. He cries as if he's listening to Kathy Griffin's stand up show. I've even tried offering him the boob oh-so-illegally while Thad is driving but to no avail. Music seems to be the only thing that seems to help calm him down. Thank God for XM radio because I have over 100 channels to scroll through to see if he will like something. Most of the time classical music does the trick. He loves Schumann, Dvorak, Bach, Mozart, Haydn, and Wagner to name a few. He does not like Beethoven. I've found he likes songs that have a great rhythm like dances or marches. He doesn't like hard rock music (which is so funny because in utero he would noticeably move more when I would play hard rock and roll music- or even heavy metal) nor does he like country or bluegrass. He is tolerant of reggae (thank God) and French singers, and he doesn't mind jazz.

So the other night on our way back from dinner, I'm driving and Thad is in the back seat with the little guy trying so hard to make his stuffed Tigger's dancing seem like the coolest thing since his discovery of the bears at home. Still, he will not stop crying. So we try some music...classical, nope. Reggae, nope. Thad suggested something "bumpin'" and I tried for the House channel. It was off the air so I tried the Trance channel and wouldn't you know, Julian almost instantly falls asleep from the thumping bass. So my first thought was, "woah, my child may follow in my footsteps and be a little raver someday..." but that thought was soon pushed aside as we rounded on home and we rushed inside to give him the boob. Well, duh, he was hungry!

We've learned he is most tolerant of the car after he has slept, been changed, and has a full belly and no gas. I'll be sure to remember all that before I put him in his car seat next time....

I leave you with a picture of Julian being hard core in his nemesis: the car seat.

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