Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Julian's first hair cut

It was time! His long and wispy hair was getting out of control and daddy did a little maintenance.


Thursday, August 6, 2009

Our growing family

There are few truly magical moments throughout life that stick to you and make you feel like all is well in the world. This morning we had one of those moments.

Thad and I had a doctor's appointment this morning. I laid back on the the table, and Connie, the nurse practitioner, put the monitor on my belly. She barely had it on my belly when we heard it: the heart beat of our new baby. We've been looking forward to this day since a few weeks ago when we got that positive test so that we could comfortably start telling one and all that yes, our family is growing and that Julian will be a big brother sometime around February 20th, 2010.

It's an incredible feeling knowing that we're about to do it all over again. Julian amazes me each day with the things he learns and does, and I am so excited that he will be a big brother. I am very excited for Thad to become a father again, as he has been the most amazing father to Julian and I just know his cup will runeth over having another baby in our family.

I'm feeling alright, not perfect, but each day is a definite improvement from the last. I am definitely showing (if you haven't seen the pictures from my high school reunion, well, it's pretty obvious) and after hearing the baby's heartbeat this morning I am less sad about the loss of my waistline and more excited about the road ahead.

So that's our news for now! More updates to come, I'm sure. :)