Tuesday, August 12, 2008

"Here are a few of my favorite things..."

Before I get into Julian's favorite things these days I'd like to announce that our little boy was able to put himself to sleep TWICE in a row folks. Last night after I nursed him he was nice and calm and we decided to try and see if he'd put himself to sleep (instead of the rocking/swaying/singing/bouncing/swaddling song and dance that tends to happen some nights). Granted, we tried when he was nice and calm, yet tired, and he was just bathed/clean diaper/fed so it truly was the perfect storm. Anyways, he was laid in his bassinet and within 5 minutes he was asleep! For his nap this morning he did the same thing. Oh boy, I hope this is a sign of things to come....

Without further ado, here is a list of Julian's favorite things (minus "the boob" of course...):

1. Sleeping- Well, duh, babies love to sleep. Julian is on the upper end of that "newborns sleep for 14-18 hours a day" thing. I'm fine with that. :)

2. His Bears- The play yard with the bears on top of his changing table is Julian's NUMBER ONE place to be! If he is upset, tired, cranky, or just plain inconsolable, those bears do the trick! They aren't colorful, flashy, nor do they move on their own but they bring him such happiness. He can lay under those bears and gaze at them adoringly long enough for mommy and daddy to get some things done in the kitchen.

3. Being on his tummy- We found out within his first couple weeks that if he is cranky and relatively inconsolable we can put him on his tummy and he is happy! Thank God. We can no longer put him on his Boppy on his tummy because he pushed himself forward and his forehead ends up pushed against the ground. Oh well. He also sleeps MUCH better on his tummy, too.

4. Standing on his feet- The bigger he gets, the stronger he gets, and the stronger he gets the more he wants to stand on our laps or whatever surface is around. Boy he kicks hard...

5. His fist- Since he has discovered his fist, it has becomes his best friend. He watches it, he plays with it, and he works on controlling it. He can get it into his mouth now, especially when he's tired, and this helps him get to sleep! Thank GOD. :)

6. The TV- Now, this is a tricky one because I don't put him in front of the TV and leave him BUT he LOVES watching it! Oh the colors! Movement! Sounds! It's the ultimate baby soother apparently. Here's a picture of him watching the TV from the floor. The baby in the background is Abby, Julian's friend from mommy's prenatal yoga class.

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WFU said...

So adorable... love the "favorite things" list, and the explanation of his music preferences. Can't wait to see you guys again soon. XOXO Kirsten and Baby Fatz