Friday, August 15, 2008

My Social Butterfly

We are lucky to be surrounded by a lot of babies.....

Bradley Babies
We've been very fortunate to see our Bradley group usually about once a week. We started with our weekly get togethers shortly after our class ended in April and have continued up to now. Our Bradley instructor was due with her second child around the same time as all of us with our firsts so total there are 6 of us with new babies from that class.

Taken when Julian was 2 weeks old at a La Leche League meeting. From the left: us, Jessica and Jack, Kathleen and Chloe, Malia and Brynton, and Melissa and Caiden.

Taken when Julian was about 7 weeks old at our Bradley Pool Party reunion. From the left: Jessica and Hartley, us, Melissa and Caiden, Kathleen and Chloe, and Jessica and Jack.

Little Beginnings babies

On sunday we went to our friend, Theresa's, house for a Little Beginnings baby reunion. I taught at Little Beginnings Child Development Center from August 2006 to July 2007. Apparently there was something in the water there because when I left the school, Emily just had her son, Oliver, and Theresa was pregnant (due end of March), Cherylen was pregnant (due end of April), and shortly after I left the school we got pregnant (due end of May). Soon after that, Mandy got pregnant (due beginning of July). *phew* That's a lot of babies out of a staff of about 19 people! This was the first time since all our babies were born for us to get together. It was really lovely to see everyone! We look forward to more playdates as they kids get bigger.

Taken when Julian was about 10 weeks old. From the left: Mandy and Hannah, us, Cherlyen and Grant, Emily and Oliver, and Theresa and Eliza.

Prenatal Yoga
For one of my Christmas presents Thad got me a prenatal yoga session at a local place, SunMoon Yoga. I started in January and went up until a week before I was due. It was a great class and I met some great ladies in it. Meggan and I did water aerobics twice a week, too, until our due dates. Between yoga and water aerobics they were fantastic ways to help remain active during the pregnancy and to meet other expectant mothers. This week a few ladies brought their new babies over for a meet and greet and it was real nice to see them. We are hoping to get together once a week but you never know with babies involved....

Taken when Julian was 10 1/2 weeks old. From the left: Jen and Abby, Nikki and Camden, and us. Blanca was taking the picture, so we'll have to get her and Alejandro in there next time!

Between the Bradley class, La Leche League, yoga, and everywhere in between that we've been meeting other mommies and babies, we're so fortunate to have this support network. Hopefully this means lots of playdates as the kids get older!

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