Saturday, July 26, 2008

2 months already?!

We are sitting here this saturday morning while Julian naps and reflecting on the past 2 months of our lives. Julian has been an adventure. Getting to know him, seeing him learn about the world around him, and growing (growing growing...) has been wonderful. He certainly has a little personality on him; he loves people- especially staring at their faces, loves to be on his belly, and loves cuddles with mommy and daddy. He's a genuinely happy boy- he only fusses when he needs something and even then once his need is addressed he stops- and very active and playful. He took to breastfeeding like a champ and has grown to an amazing 13+ lbs and over 23 inches long now. He's just about to outgrow his 0-3 month onesies at 8 weeks!

Everyone seems to ask how the animals do with him, and luckily they are wonderful. Scout took to him right away and protects him. When Julian was about 3 weeks old and napping on the couch and Scout jumped up and tried to cover him with the blanket. It was adorable. Paige could care less, she is basically ambivalent. Fitz is curious but afraid because of Julian's erratic movements...everytime Fitz gets close enough to sniff, Julian flails around and Fitz runs. Trillian was very curious in the beginning (especially when I'd feed him) but now she's pretty uninterested.

Both grandmas are in love with him....Thad and I think they might love him more than they love us. Terri has come down almost every weekend to visit with him and watch him while Thad and I get some time for ourselves (usually to watch a movie). Freshnie has provided much needed food and small breaks during the week (otherwise I'd never get a shower in) and watched him last night for the first time while we went to see Batman (side note: Go see it right now if you haven't seen it yet). Grandpa Lurie is coming next weekend to meet the little man and he is oh-so-excited. Uncle Brian stops by when he can and thinks Julian is adorable and Aunt Heather finally got to see Julian when he was awake during a Skype conversation. She loves the pictures and we can't wait to get him to New Zealand to meet her!

All in all, I think the past 2 months were what we were expecting with a new baby as far as the weird schedules (there's nothing wrong with going to sleep when it's still light outside), many diapers, and increased laundry. We are grateful that he's healthy and happy and that we've been blessed with such good luck so far. Ultimately, we are most grateful that we are able to provide him with a safe and comfortable home. Despite being such a new addition to our lives (outside of the womb), it feels like he's been here forever.

Your parents tell you all the time when you're growing up, "Just wait until you have a child..." and I understand that saying now. Obviously I cannot apply that saying to life with a teenager (eek, someday!) but more to the amount of love I feel for this child and the desperate desire to make him happy. I watch him while I'm feeding him or while he's sleeping and am still in awe that we made him. How can 2 cells know to make a human being?! It's just incredible. He really is a miracle. I see women out and about now who are pregnant and I want to run up them and tell them how wonderful it is to have a new baby. Obviously they are excited but wow.....I could have read and read about what it's like to be a new parent but nothing could have prepared me for just how amazing it is.

Here is his latest album. Included in these pictures are Julian's first time in a pool. Last saturday our birthing class (who have swiftly become my closest friends and I am so grateful to have them in my life) had our reunion pool party. He was apprehensive at first at the pool but eventually warmed up to the whole thing. Hopefully he'll be that water baby I've been hoping for! Enjoy!

Julian Week 8

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