Friday, January 9, 2009

Thank you, family!!!

The year before last we were really considering relocating out of the DC area. We still are but we're not nearly as driven because we realize just how lucky we are to have our families nearby to help.

This past weekend both Thad and I were sick with the flu (Thad more sick than me as he was battling food poisoning as well) and it was quite difficult taking care of a baby who refuses to take the bottle (trust me, we've tried everything and we decided to just live with it and move on). My brother came by to keep an eye on Julian while I took a nap and my mom came by to help put Julian to sleep and get some food/drinks for us. Terri came and also took care of Julian (and us!) so we could get some extra shut eye.

We are SO grateful for our family! Thank you for helping us and taking care of the little guy.

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