Sunday, January 4, 2009

'I'm gonna get there....'

The past couple weeks have been tremendous in Julian's development! It's been even better because Thad has been off from work and he's been able to witness it all with me first hand. Oh, I can't even imagine things getting any better (or us falling more in love with this little guy) but each day is just so much better than the day before. We are so blessed with such a happy baby!

First off, we FINALLY got a tooth! It popped through yesterday and I can feel the edge of it when he chews on my finger. We were beginning to think that it was never going to come up as it as been hanging out under his gums forever.

Secondly, this kid won't shut UP (just like his mama!). He talks and talks and talks. He's always the most chatty first thing in the morning (I hear this is common with babies?) and his favorite sounds are, "la la la la," and "da da da da." Or just "da da" when he wants Thad. I have been constantly following Julian around saying "ma ma ma ma" but to no avail. I know it'll happen eventually but for now, da da is his favorite! There are also bunches of other sounds and Thad swears the other morning he said, "boob" and this morning he said "kitty." Maybe we should start following him around with a tape recorder so we can capture some of it for those of you far away!

Third, in proud tradition of a military family, Julian is army crawling! He will scoot himself across the floor on Mission Retrieve Remote. Why do babies love remotes? We have no clue but he will apparently scale mountains (or crawl across the living room) to get it. He'll pooch that little tush up in the sky and push with his feet while he propels himself forward with his arms. We better start nailing things down now.....he will get up on all fours and rock back and forth and he is very close to figuring out how to coordinate his knees and hands in order to move forward. I think a project this weekend is get the baby gates up on the first floor.

That's it for now! In parting, here's a pic of Julian playing one of his favorite games: peekaboo!

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washwords said...

awwwww, gosh, he's cute, pamela. long time no blogvisit from me but glad I stopped by now. btw, the 4 months photo! grandpa little lurie! sooo cute and such a little man. congrats, enjoy it to pieces!