Thursday, January 29, 2009

A sign of things to come?

Today in the car Julian was becoming cranky and I didn't want him to fall asleep (to ensure a good nap at home) so I gave him the XM remote to play with. I didn't think his playing around would impact my listening choice (seeing as he's looking in the opposite direction and all) but it did and I went from listening to Ray Charles to Rob & Big Punisher. Anyone remember that song from 1998, "Still not a player?" After Julian's nonstop flirting on tuesday at our play date with Eve, Sophia, and Cate, I am concerned that I am going to have a real ladies' man on my hands!

"I'm not a player I just crush a lot....." Oh boy.

Eve, Julian, and Sophia watching the snow...and no, we didn't put his hand there.


MBS said...

hahahaha. He's a little pimp! That's what you get for having so many girlfriends around ;)

belleshpgrl said...

I love his big diaper bottom!

christian said...

that's so cute!