Monday, January 19, 2009

Our other children

Last night while I was rocking Julian to sleep I realized that all this talk of Julian on here, where are our other kids?!

Our cats, Trillian and Fitzchivlary (both named after literary characters), are great with Julian. At first they were very curious with him (I'm sure it was because of the milk smell) and now they are indifferent but tolerant of his squeals and grabby hands. Julian LOVES the cats. Any time there are cats in a book, he smiles at them. He even knows 'cat' in sign language- at least, he recognizes when we do it. The past few days he'll look at the cats and say "c c c." This is a good sign.

Trillian (above) and Fitz in a box.what is it about cats and boxes?

Scout and Paige have been very patient with Julian. Julian will wiggle across the floor just to pull on their hair and thankfully, they are tolerant of him. Unfortunately, we had a rough year with their health- multiple ear infections, tummy issues, etc.- but overall, I think as Julian gets older the dogs will enjoy playing with him. Sure, they are quite jealous of the attention, and when Julian is asleep Scout is attached to my hip, but I think they'll get along swimmingly with him.

Scout playing with Julian & the doggies enjoying a treat

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