Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Paige, the Conclusion.

Maybe 'conclusion' isn't the right word, but it certainly feels appropriate after everything that's been going on. For those of you following what's going on with Paige, this morning I brought her back to the breeder. Lori was incredibly understanding and I am so glad that she already has ideas of a home for Paige, after a period of adjustment at Lori's of course. After the last posting I put about Paige, we kind of left the subject hanging for a while and figured we'd talk about it at another time. She had been behaving wonderfully and we haven't had any problems, so we were being optimistic that we'd 'turned a new leaf' and she'd sta with us.

Last night, however, things changed. Part of our concern about her staying here is the obvious agitation she has when kids are around. The noise, chaos, movement, something about it all makes her uneasy. Last night after dinner we were playing in the living room and Julian was standing next to her, holding his ball, and speaking loudly (because really, how may toddlers know not to yell when they talk?) and she snapped at him and tried to bite. I ran across the room, pinned her down, and just looked at Thad in total shock. He was speechless. Did that really just happen?! At that point it wasn't even a question of if but when and I called Lori right away to tell her what happened. We scheduled to bring her this morning and Lori totally understood that we no longer felt comfortable with her in the house.

It has been an emotional 18 hours here but we know this is for the best. It still doesn't make me feel any better, part of me feels like I failed her in finding a way for her to be comfortable here, but I know I can't go down that road without going crazy.

Anyways, we'll miss you Paigey-roo and I hope you are happy wherever you end up. You'll always be our sweet little girl!

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