Sunday, September 9, 2012

Catching up and Rock and roll camp

I can't believe I haven't posted in MONTHS but this summer is a big blur.  We were busy with field trips and barely getting through this pregnancy.  Dear childhood friends got married so we go to go to Staunton, VA and Virginia Beach for their blissful days.  We didn't get to go on any big summer vacations but Thad at least got to go on a few business trips to fun Indianapolis, Atlanta, and Dallas.  We had the big derecho storm in the beginning of July where we lost power (like most of the area!).  The following weekend we went to Chicago for my grandmother's funeral, sad affair but always a blessed reunion to see family out there.  With my cousins having babies, the boys have second cousins that I am so glad they will get to know.  Our goal is to go out to Chicago once a year if we can swing it!  The weekend after that Grandpa came down for a weekend visit.  *phew*  And that just got us through July!  I would post pictures of all these fun events but my laptop died and I haven't transferred any files yet to my new computer. 

August was nutso.  Fun news that I had 6 friends have babies in August so lots of fun baby news this past month! 

At the end of August Julian got to go to rock and roll camp.  I thought it would be a fun segue into preschool (which starts tomorrow) after being home with us everyday.  It was for 5 days at a place called Bach to Rock in Herndon, VA.  I was nervous that he would have a hard time being gone for 5 mornings in a row but for rock and roll, this kid was READY.  Every morning he was ready to get dressed and out the door, by the end of the week he was sitting on the couch by the shoes wearing his backpack, hat, and already had his shoes on by the time me and Dash were downstairs.  He got to learn about drums, rhythm, piano, recorder, violin, and of course his favorite, the electric guitar.  The camp was only 3 kids (ages 3.5-5) and the teacher was FABULOUS with the kids.  I couldn't recommend this program more!!  I know they have locations in MD, NY, and VA so if one is close to you, check it out.  They have programs for all ages of kids and its not a typical music school; they also teach DJing and mixing, and beyond. 

Without further ado, here is a video of their closing week 'concert.'  Enjoy!

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

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