Saturday, December 26, 2009

Julian's 18 Month Check Up

Finally attempting to catch up on our are Julian's latest stats from his 18 month check up:
  • Height- 32 1/2 inches. 50% percentile.
  • Weight- 28 lbs 1 oz 75% percentile.
  • Head Circumference- 18 3/4th inches. 50% percentile.
Since his last check up Julian has since stopped nursing. The last time he nursed was the saturday of Labor Day weekend. I remember it very clearly and I am so glad that I remember it. We had gone away the week prior to the Outer Banks for vacation and while we were there our nursing schedule was kind of off. Since we found out we were expecting again back in June, our nursing had cut back tremendously, partially because it hurt me to nurse so I was deliberately trying to cut back, but also because he was getting older. I knew that tandem nursing (that's when you nurse a newborn and a toddler at the same time) was and is not for me so I tried to cut back on nursing to see what would happen. When we got pregnant we were still nursing about 6 times a day. By the time we got to vacation at the end of August, we were only nursing once, maybe twice a day. I had a feeling that when I got to about 16 weeks pregnant that my supply would probably decrease but I didn't know. Luckily, Julian decided on his own and that last time he nursed will be etched in my mind forever. It was a beautiful moment and even though I am glad to have a bit of a break before doing it all over again with Baby Dos, I am so grateful that we were able to nurse for 16 months. I wouldn't give it up for anything!

Our sign language continues to grow and even though he signs a lot (I can't even count how many signs he knows now) , he has become a talking machine! He's putting lots of sounds together and has been coming up with new sound combinations every day. He is also recognizing his colors and his letters (particularly "J"), and he is starting to count in his own special way. He has started sitting on his potty but hasn't really done anything in it yet...and that's okay.

The big news of right now is that we are moving him into his big boy room! We had hoped to do it Christmas night but you know how things's just not ready yet, so for now he's been playing on his new bed and listening to his cd player in there and hopefully he can start sleeping in there on new year's.

So we're pretty much happy as clams in our house right now and looking forward to meeting Baby Dos in, oh, 8 weeks or so! Here's a recent pic of our big boy, J.

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