Thursday, May 14, 2009

Happy 1st Mother's Day!!

What a great day!! Thad really pampered me and trust me, I enjoyed every minute of it! We slept in a bit (Julian luckily slept until, a vast improvement from our regular 4:45am wake up call) and then we got breakfast at our 2nd favorite breakfast place, First Watch, with my mom and my brother. After eating everything in sight, we went home and I got to do some gardening while Thad played with Julian. After a quick trip to Home Depot, Thad cleaned the house with Julian on his back and I took a nice shower (anything longer then 3 minutes is luxurious!). We spent the afternoon playing with Julian and watching "The Sandlot" and then we went to a nice dinner at Lebanese Taverna. Other than getting a flat tire on the way home, it was a beautiful day! A girl could get used to that. Here is a picture of Thad being all domestic.....

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