Saturday, March 7, 2009

First trip to the cabin

Jack and my mom have a cabin in Elkins, WV where they go at least every other weekend. It is about 33 acres of gorgeous rolling hillls and forest and it is really a nice place to escape, even if it's only for a few days. Last time we went there was last March for a mini-getaway before Julian's birth and I have been looking forward to taking Julian there ever since he was born. The dogs LOVE going there as they can bound and run off-leash to their hearts content and Scout can do some major deer and wild turkey watching. He still hasn't seen the bears yet and I wonder what he'll do when he does...

My cousins came up from Norfolk to go skiing at Snowshoe and my brother came out, as well, to hang out for the weekend so it ended up being a nice family weekend away. Julian did GREAT. The drive out was smooth (he slept almost the entire time) and he loved the fresh mountain air. The first night was a bit rough (unusual environment, I suppose) and he ended up waking us up a lot but otherwise he liked it. He also LOVED all the attention from his aunts and uncles! My mom went straight to the cabin after 10 days in Hawaii so she really enjoyed spending some quality time with Julian, too.

Here are the pictures from the weekend. Let me know if you ever want to go out there with us! It really is beautiful. And despite popular belief of 'rustic West Virginia cabins,' the cabin does not have an outhouse. :)

Cabin Weekend

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