Friday, December 19, 2008

Julian versus the biscuit

So there are these teething biscuits that Julian loves to eat/play with/destroy and last night at dinner he really gave that biscuit the 'what for.' For anyone interested, we give him the Healthy Timez Teething Biscuits in both Vanilla and Maple. It really is the perfect treat! It keeps him happily entertained long enough for us to eat dinner together and then some. He can pick it up easily, he can pass it between both hands, and he chews his way around it like a harmonica. Last night he made the biggest mess yet with the biscuit and I just had to include this pic to show his enjoyment with it.

No teeth yet. We hope that at least one will make an appearance soon because the little guy has been miserable the past week. Sleeping is off, cranky, irritable...oh, it's just yucky. I fear that this could go on for months before any teeth actually come out for all we know. I hope not!

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