Monday, May 19, 2008

Only 10 more days!!!!

Here we are with about 9 days left until our due date. Things are progressing and we are very hopeful that this baby will come ANY TIME NOW. In fact, we would have been happy if this baby came yesterday but, alas, he will come when he is ready.

-At 34 weeks I felt all of a sudden that if I didn't cross my legs this baby was going to fall out. There was a lot of pressure on my cervix so I went to the doctor to get an exam just in case since I was not quite yet a full term. Good news is that the baby was starting his way down already and was at about -2 Station.
-At my 35 week ultrasound we learned that the fibroid had not only shrunk 2 cm in diameter (from 11 cm to 9 cm across) from my last ultrasound but also it moved up as my uterus grew so it will not cause any problems for a vaginal delivery. I was SO happy to hear this news! At that point he was measuring perfectly for his growth and he was already head down, face down ready for delivery.
-At 37 1/2 weeks I had my first internal exam to check for dilation and good news is that I am starting to dilate. Not too much but just enough to show progress. He had moved down to about -1 Station and I was about 50% effaced. All good things!!
-At 38 weeks I noticed that he moved down. I had no idea he could move down anymore considering he was already very low but the human body is capable of many things. My tummy is now quite low and it looks like I have a basketball in my shirt. Good news is that I had a bit more room for my lungs and stomach and I am much more comfortable up top!

So that brings us to today. I have been walking as much as possible and keeping my feet up when I'm at home. The swelling is just horrible and the carpal tunnel in my right hand is getting to be very annoying. In a couple of weeks (at the most), that's all going to change and we'll have a little one among us!

Here is a link to the portraits that I had taken a couple of weeks ago. Shervin Lainez, a classmate from good ol' Robinson Secondary, took them for me. I think they came out GREAT. You can see his website at

We'll let everyone know once anything happens!!!! COME ON, BABY LURIE! WE WANT TO MEET YOU!!!!!

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